Friday, January 29, 2010

For The Times To Come

Goodness is incomprehensible.A stain of divinity.Perfection beyond the realm of thought,surpassing action and motives,confusing the world to the point of turmoil.What you call beauty,what you worship as your gods,what you feel as divine is the Absolute Good.Undeviating truth,like a child who sees the world through wondrous eyes,it is our innate goodness that the world takes away from us bit by bit.Don't fear the world,it can be fooled.I have done so.The art lies in deception.Its paradoxical that one must use deception to preserve the very seed of goodness.Act as if you are evil while nurturing the child of goodness within the womb of your soul.The world will hunt you,men who call themselves your brothers will feed upon you if you betray an inkling of your goodness.Show the world that you are brutal,devious,cunning.Only then you may be able to save goodness from its impending doom.

They say its impossible to be good.It is not.You gave up too soon.The world is not bad.I pity it.I see the cosmic joke.Each one of us projects an image.An image of our faults,of our follies so that we may be seen as plausible victors in this universe of duplicity.Drop the mask.Be good.The universe exists in the hope that we all will share a common brotherhood,of love,of tolerance,of beauty.Don't disappoint it.

Men destroy goodness in the light of the day but they weep for their actions in the darkness of night.Gloom settles on them as the world snubs them with the gaze of envy and loathing.You run after love,after wordily possessions,after a sense of complacency.Leave it all behind.You can only reach divinity through acts of goodness.Pure and joyful.The last thread that co joins us to humanity almost like an umbilical cord.Snap it and civilisations will fall.You know the pinnacle of happiness through acts of goodness.You have felt it.You know the sheer brilliance of our poetic selves.We are all creatures of delight,possessing potential for acts of paramount kindness.You will not live to see a thousand suns.But you can illuminate this place with a bit of your own inner light,the very flame that flickers a bit too brightly by the joy you give to the world.You are your own master,your own god,live life as a human being,secretly spreading joy and love,but be always on your guard,for the world should never know that you are essentially good.

*And he smiled and smiled.*

Monday, January 18, 2010

Midnight Rendevouz

Bored as usual,bored of french opera music,of cinema italiano,of endless cups of bittersweet coffee,of reading unmentionable books back to back;i decided to go out.It was almost the middle of the night,an hour to go perhaps,that i contemplated the destination of my midnight escapade.It had to be someplace where i could find solitude,an escape from ennui,from nothingness to nothingness.I had to be quiet or it would be really weird trying explaining your parents why you were fully dressed(not that its otherwise) and trying to tiptoe out of the house in the middle of the night.I had apply all the stealthy moves that i had subconsciously learned from the likes of Bond and Wile E Coyote.I was feeling reckless and bored,a dangerous combination for a quiet,chilly and foggy Delhi night.

I clocked around an average of 122kph and reached the heart of Delhi in about twenty minutes.Connaught Place is a lovely,my kinda place with its obvious Georgian architecture and obscure history.Obscure not in the historical sense,of course,but about those countless stories that make up the place and give it an ethereal charm.So i reach the place somewhere around 12 and am felling pretty rebellious for a change.I drive a bit around,hoping to find a nice place to go to,when i suddenly realize that its been a long time since i indulged myself in a bit of luxury.Well i don't drink(as of yet),so no point in going to a pub and sipping cranberry juice.Both the Meridian and Shangri La are close by but i decided to go to the Meridian instead;a bit of nostalgia with that place,not to mention familiar terrain.I was almost there when i thought that tonight is not the night to do tried and tested things,tonight is the night to try new things,to live life dangerously.I admit going to Shangri La isn't dangerous one bit but such are life's dearies!

I was ushered in Cafe Uno discretely and politely.The ambiance was excellent and so was the coffee.Lost in my own amusing thoughts of how my definition of a midnight snack had changed over the years,i suddenly noticed someone looking at me intently.Now this rarely happens to me and i am usually the one giving people long piercing stares.She gave me a small coquettish smile and i trying to look all suave and confident,gave her an inviting,charming smile.She walked over and said,

'Hi,Do you mind if i join you?'

'Of course not,rather i would be quite glad',standing up suddenly as a proper gentleman.A bit of chivalry doesn't really hurt anyone.

'Aditya, right?'

'Um....yeah but how do you know my name?',i asked,utterly perplexed.

'I am surprised you don't remember me.Hi,I am *****,we met at Vaibhav's party.'

'Oh,Hi *****,i am so sorry.Its been a long time and it was kinda dark at his place',i grinned sheepishly.

'Oh that's all right though i guess his place was dark for a reason.'We both smiled and then laughed.Her laugh was more of giggle but in a cute sort of a way.

And then we talked.We talked about life,about love,about the world at large.It was strange,talking to someone whom i had met met just once before but it felt absolutely brilliant.We shared the same tastes in books and movies though we were at polar opposites when it came to the question of Shobha De;she found her over rated ,i did not.Apart from our opinions on Ms De,we both had the same fantastic tastes!!!

Coffee was brilliant.Our conversation was even better.But as Nelly Furtado sings,All good things come to an end.They actually do.She had to go and i had to leave.We exchanged numbers and i wrote my blog address on her hand.She walked away and suddenly i felt the chill in the air.

I reached home,tip toed back to my room and thought about the evening.Life is one big coincidence and i am waiting for it to happen again.

If you are reading this,then i ll be there waiting for you,same place,same time.If not,i ll still be there.

PS- ******,you are absolutely brilliant and fantastic.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes

How do you murder someone?Do you need a knife or perhaps one of those cool Heckler & Koch G36 that i might get on my birthday?Neither.You need to have a brilliant commercial acumen and the critical ability of a toddler.Yes,thats all you need,i suppose.Guy Ritchie killed Sherlock Holmes and he didn't even try hard.It all comes naturally to him,i suppose,especially after RocknRolla n Revolver.Well Snatch was good but Mr (ex)Madonna needs to stop seeing cinema as a means to make a quick buck and understand the nuances of keeping a character true to its identity.Sherlock Holmes is not a man nor a simple character out of a book,he is an enigma,and that too of the highest order.He doesn't brood over Irene Adler nor does he experiment on dogs.He is a cerebral tour de force,an opponent to be reckoned with.Ritchie makes him a cross between a retard neurotic and a fence jumping jaw cracking lunatic who reveals his cards in the end(why the unnecessary prolongation?).I knew all the answers before the interval itself.Truly sad for a Holmes movie.

Ritchie fails to grasp Holmes.He fails to appreciate the subtlety of his character.When he meditates,shuts himself up for days or injects himself with hallucinogens,it is not an act.He develops lucidity and clarity beyond our current imagination.Holmes is a man who is defined it his entirety as a thinker.He is not an action hero and he definitely doesn't wait for ages to put the facts straight,a technique which the director uses to prolong the pathetic plot.What is worse that Watson is suddenly a madly in love gentleman who is often in dilemma to choose between Holmes and his lady love(terribly played by Kelly Reilly). Every character is flawed exponentially though i will extend my sympathies to the actors;both Downey Jr and Law act well but within the limiting structure of the plot and character development.Mark Strong is truly brilliant as Lord Blackwood.Professor Moriarty does drop in though he is a bit hesitant in everything he does including showing his face.

Mr Ritchie,you just shredded Sherlock Holmes with a two hour long cinematic blunder,it would have been better had you used a Heckler and Koch G36.Don't,for the love of god,make a sequel.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alea iacta est

I am dying.Don't crack that hopeful sunshine smile of yours yet.I am not dying.I have knowingly/unknowingly plunged into the deepest abyss of conscious cerebral devastation.I see lights.I feel darkness.I talk to people without an inkling of my true self.It does not matter anymore.The mirror of my identity has finally cracked and all that i see are a myriad of images,each different,each haunting,each perfect.If life truly is a stage then i am the perfect actor.

What is true?What is wrong?What is real?Does it really matter now?When silence is deafening and you are in a funk where all that matters is nothing,then the world gets scared.Voids of identity.Large blank spaces.Hazy visions.Spiralling control or rather the lack of it.The world is not an oyster,it is a mirage.A puff of smoke gathered in a lifetime.Past,present and future are nothing but recurring chapters where nothing is what it seems.

Bring out the gods.Drag them on the streets.Pelt them with stones and ask them,
Mere playthings or an experiment that went out of hand?Maybe they don't have an answer.Maybe they do.Interrogate.Bad cop.Very bad cop.

The above situation is an ideal one.The center will truly collapse if gods turn out to be a figment of our imagination.Where do we turn now?Objectivism won't take you far,you will burn out.But how do i care?I am dying,after all.

It is amusing to mock the world at large.Having cynicism that shrouds itself in sarcasm is an intellectual orgasm.In those seconds of undefinable bliss,you spurt out(no pun intended) sheer brilliance,pent up creativity and seer like solitude.The world is very scared now.

Things turn ugly.The world,scared and frightened,calls upon its armies.Vast numbers.Power.Oooh it wants to intimidate.A defensive move clearly.I smile for i smell fear.This is not war.It is an extermination.Extermination of bodies,of books,of solid mahogany desks.The world cracks a beautiful smile.Terror has been suppressed.Children may go out and play.The machine starts again.The world is a better place once again.

Two lovers in trance like passion.Bodies intermingled.Stench of sex.The seed reaches its temple.Two cells join.Post coital cigarette anyone?Another one is coming.Another one will be sacrificed at the alter.Its time to smile.

I did not die after all.

Friday, January 1, 2010

An Answer

'Why don't you talk to me properly?'

'I am talking to you properly ,i am courteous,i am polite ,i am ..'

'Shut up.I am not talking about social mannerisms.Things have changed and you know it.Did i say something wrong?Cmon tell me.'

'Oh there is nothing of such sort.'

'Fine i too won't talk to you.'


*Moments pass*

'Doesn't it have any affect on you?'


'I did not want to be blunt or rude.We have been friends for a long time but i am sorry but i cannot continue talking to you anymore.I gave you hints but you ignored them.Its over.I am sorry.'


'If you haven't understood by now,i won't ever be able to explain it you.But always know,i have known pain,tasted defeat but being with you is a trauma,a finality that i cannot explain.You are so precious to me that i cannot bear to even look at you or hear your voice,because every time i do that i see my life as a failure.Understand and forgive me.'

'You always spoke in riddles but if it makes you happy then i won't see you again.'



To give away oneself to another is the most sacred and vulnerable deed.To be thwarted then,is the most painful.The two most powerful emotions known to man are-love and hatred.When both fail to reassure,a new emotion takes over to compensate for loss of pride and mental anguish:indifference.Indifference is chiefly the only thing that will help you sail over rough waters.

Let the world burn to ashes and i won't bat an eyelid.