Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Murder Of Sherlock Holmes

How do you murder someone?Do you need a knife or perhaps one of those cool Heckler & Koch G36 that i might get on my birthday?Neither.You need to have a brilliant commercial acumen and the critical ability of a toddler.Yes,thats all you need,i suppose.Guy Ritchie killed Sherlock Holmes and he didn't even try hard.It all comes naturally to him,i suppose,especially after RocknRolla n Revolver.Well Snatch was good but Mr (ex)Madonna needs to stop seeing cinema as a means to make a quick buck and understand the nuances of keeping a character true to its identity.Sherlock Holmes is not a man nor a simple character out of a book,he is an enigma,and that too of the highest order.He doesn't brood over Irene Adler nor does he experiment on dogs.He is a cerebral tour de force,an opponent to be reckoned with.Ritchie makes him a cross between a retard neurotic and a fence jumping jaw cracking lunatic who reveals his cards in the end(why the unnecessary prolongation?).I knew all the answers before the interval itself.Truly sad for a Holmes movie.

Ritchie fails to grasp Holmes.He fails to appreciate the subtlety of his character.When he meditates,shuts himself up for days or injects himself with hallucinogens,it is not an act.He develops lucidity and clarity beyond our current imagination.Holmes is a man who is defined it his entirety as a thinker.He is not an action hero and he definitely doesn't wait for ages to put the facts straight,a technique which the director uses to prolong the pathetic plot.What is worse that Watson is suddenly a madly in love gentleman who is often in dilemma to choose between Holmes and his lady love(terribly played by Kelly Reilly). Every character is flawed exponentially though i will extend my sympathies to the actors;both Downey Jr and Law act well but within the limiting structure of the plot and character development.Mark Strong is truly brilliant as Lord Blackwood.Professor Moriarty does drop in though he is a bit hesitant in everything he does including showing his face.

Mr Ritchie,you just shredded Sherlock Holmes with a two hour long cinematic blunder,it would have been better had you used a Heckler and Koch G36.Don't,for the love of god,make a sequel.