Saturday, June 5, 2010

Ab incunabulis

Thwarted by forces i do not see
I lie in chambers of earthen glee
Buried under fortresses of melting snow
I metamorphose in a demonic glow
Planets move in decreed planes
Grieve and lament the familiar Manes
Mendacity envelops virtuous all
And sinners fornicate in evening Balls
In every shattered hope i see
The last of tear filled seas
For Darkness took form of deity Light
Began its conquest of control and might
Villainy has now a new name
And with it
Lie the rules of the game.

Now let me come back to me
Take you away to the Arctic Seas
A place where it all began
Gods,Warriors,Man and Clan
This is the place where it will all end
Conceptual universes finally rend
I slowly feel alive and virile
Know not whether by craft or guile
As fused blood hastens to my loins
Triple Goddesses utter their final scream
Thy daughter erupts from splintered wombs
As sukra and blood penetrate my tomb
The Bethelean beast is now complete
For both Darkness and Virtue
Shall together taste defeat.

Eons of lifetimes now lay scattered
The mightiest fall slain and battered
Music plays beneath a drunken shore
Georgian lutes and goddess whores
My daughter and I walk upon red sands
Towards dried seas and sooty lands
For we are the ones whom prophecies failed
The universe never mattered,our visions hailed
Now we walk alone on broken twigs
Bathe in springs and consume figs
Sparkling brightly the sun too fears
Lest Father and Daughter doth come near
For I am he for whom the dead world cried
And by my side sleeps my Daughter Bride.
My dark seed rests in her virgin womb
The one that begot her in my dusty tomb
And my prodigal son shall breathe soon
I shall now smile while universes swoon.