Sunday, October 17, 2010


Among the contradictions that bind your soul,
The moral premises that question your hold
The thoughts that plunge you in deepest oceans
And the dreams that soar above the highest mountains.
I know i stand alone with my gift of existence,
With history's heroes guiding my way
Upon a silken path of sun's taut rays
I know it now as i had i known it before.
I know it now as i had never known before.

The contradictions are forever mine to battle,
And the limitless rewards mine to savor
The cryptic Purpose is mine to decipher
And mine alone to be brutally conquered.
The words of our past are tools to break free
Weapons, if I may, of battles yet to be decreed
Destinies and Equality are superlatives that are fed
And free thyself from such memories that are dead.
I know it now as i had never known before.

The cliffs of Pride and Honor that i choose to stand upon,
Are not yet in vision of the the zenith to be won
The peaks of joy and ecstasy are never bound
In hearts of those where contempt and misery is to be found.
Hollow and infinite needs of purposeless sanctions,
I have erred in days of past where spiritless passions
Found there way inside my raw heart
And shrouded under the cloak of ignorance
I surrendered all my worthy self deference.
I know it now as i had never known before.

Is it a divine epiphany that untangled my soul?,
Or was it willed by a hand that has loosened its hold?
The answers are not worthy of a new life's moment
For the stricken blow that awakened me came late.
But i have fooled and tricked myself in the past
Believing this gratuitous chimeric reality will perhaps last
The trick, if there is one, will not be spared
The word of Nietzsche will successfully ensnare.
And i know it now as i had never known this before.