Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A is A

I am the abundance of a copper mine
Lost in Peruvian history
I am the Promethean flame
Destined to burn forever
The metal that has refused
To corrode and comply
Refused just not your love
But your very existence
I am the ragged railroad
Unwilling to submit,
To give in or to deny
My right to live
As an equal among men
Of vision and courage.
I am the philosophy
Of brute force
And reason
Coupled by words
Uttered by a father
To his own child
Knowing not
The kneads of future
But believing
With cold searing conviction
Of a lover's desire
For his love
In the ability
To conquer doubt
And gently
Bridge destiny
Without hesitation
Without fear or
Any of its malice.
It is this that
I have sought
With a child's want
Of its mother
And found it
Carefully and beautifully
Preserved within
My own self.