Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Great Expectations

It is in moments of rare realizations,
Floating sensations of a half awaken dream,
That our torrid love affair takes semblance of form
Evading and teasing reality with its dark lashes,
And making me fall in love with you yet again.
These hallucinations come and go,
Where we sit by sunset filled barns,
Reading poetry and making love
With as natural an ease as nature herself.
It is in this state of cosmic indifference
That all that is beautiful blossoms within me,
And you and I become hopelessly entangled.
But we must tread softly upon such fragile paths,
Learning and exploring the gentle brooks of desire,
So you and I are together for ever.

Ceilings For Company

Mosaic ceilings give me company
Reminding me of your love,
An urge to move my fingers
And clasp your slender wrist.
My frozen contours melting
By the warmth of your bedside.
Like an incandescent god
You arrived and took me away
Away from life and death.
It was not my intention
And perhaps not yours
To uproot all that was mine.
Evil and decadent
But nevertheless mine.
Now I am a shadow to your affections
Nothing less nor even more.
My identity in flux of your emotions,
In limbo of your desires
And pittance to your wishes.
The shrub that grows by your window
Has not faith more than mine,
Nor will another ever match me
When the wants of your words
Will steer towards affection and love.
All you will find in the end
Will be me standing by your side,
One tear at a time.

Dots On A Lover

All i want to do
Is count the moles on your body,
The ones you hide and
The ones you show.
Trace them all with my finger,
A path of my love.

I want you as my lover
As a slave to my desires,
As I am to yours.
I want you with violence,
My nails deep in you.
The drop of your blood
Licked by my finger.

I want to hear the scream
Of your aching limbs,
Tired from the night gone by.
I want to find your tongue,
With mine.
And I want to do things
That I've only read in books.

I want to explore every
Nook and corner,
Of your body as
I want you to explore mine.
I want you as you want me.
No less but perhaps more.
For all I want is to count those moles on your body....

Sea Of Love

When you leave me, I'll join the sea.
Not as a martyr of your affections
But a tribute to your memory.
A grain of salt in the already salty sea,
The taste of which lingered in your kiss,
And now lingers in mine.
I want the sea to envelop me forever,
Remind me of your love.
In the weightlessness of my senses,
To float and sink by steps
My lips entangled in your hair
Your hand on my heart and
Whispering,"Deeper and deeper"
Till neither your flesh remains
Nor mine. A silent prayer
will always be heard in the ruins
Of our sea.
The Sea of love and longing,
A certainty of your belonging,
Till words finally fall
And all that remains are
My lips entangled in your hair.

A Promising Husband

There will be days when I will love my wife,
And days when I will hate her.
There will be days when I will make love to my wife,
And days when I will loathe her.
There will be days when I will make her smile
And days when I make her cry.
But you can call me when you need me
And I'll be there by your side.